CORMET – hard metal tools

These tools have hard metal sharps braze-welded on a steel support. They cut for removal and crushing of material generating a rough rubble. Diamond core bits, spudding shoes, non-coring bits and reaming shells are produced for the standard typologies (simple core barrel, T2, T6, wire line, etc..) and on request.

Cormet diamond core bit simple core barrel N Ř 101

Cormet reaming shell simple core barrel N Ř 116


Diamond core bits and spudding shoes are produced with octagonal prisms availables in these dimensions; ch 5.5x12; ch 6.5x16; ch 7.5x16; ch 10x16 according to the cutting thickness of the tool.

The prisms are available in 3 different hard metal qualities: G02, M04 ed B10. They have different hardness and tenacities according to the material to be drilled.

These diamond core bits can be realized with a flat profile (it allows a better resistance to hits) or with head millings (it allows a better flushing of the cuttings and the trimming of the prisms with an abrasive wheel).

Diamond core bit with flat profile

Diamond core bit with head millings

For the ambit application and the use parameters, make reference to the tables below.

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Technical features can be modified without any notice

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